Tooling Systems Sales services a wide range of needs and applications. Our machines excel at maintaining stringent tolerances and quality to ensure airplanes fly safely, family cars stay on the road, and factories minimize maintenance and maintain uptime to lower production costs.

Some of the many applications we serve include:


If you have flown on an airplane then you have relied on the quality parts ground on the machines we represent. Turbine blades, vanes, gear pumps, hydraulic spool valves and many other parts are made every day at the highest quality for the aerospace industry. We also can't forget that the cutting tools to manufacture these parts are also ground on machines we represent.


A wide variety of tooling is ground on our machines. Some of these applications include insert grinding and rotary tool grinding. Our expertise covers the entire market range of materials from the traditional HSS and Carbide to PCD and CBN. We also compliment the manufacturing of these products with the manufacture of taper shank or HSK tooling as well as fully automatic inspection of your tools.


Grinding application expertise in this area is very comprehensive. We offer high accuracy production grinding of journals, cams, crankshafts, steering pistons and transmission gears just to name a few. No high production job would be complete without automation and this too is part of our services offered.

Tool & Die

Rotary Tools and inserts are a staple of what we grind on our machines but we also are a leader in processing CBN and PCD inserts and tools by grinding or erosion. We offer solutions for complex grinding of extrusion and cold heading dies and thread forming dies. Many hand held tools are also candidates for creep feed applications.


Here we offer grinding of the rotary cutting tools used in orthopedic applications and other applications that range from implants to components in heart valves. These challenges are made easier by our extensive group of application engineers and their experiences.

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